Frequently Asked Questions

“We exist to help as many cats feel safe and happy as possible. We do this by uniting cat lovers in celebration of Everything Cat, sponsoring rescue cats, and through our tribe of cat lovers we bring awareness to issues affecting our feline friends.”

What makes you do what you do?

  • We believe that cats deserve to spend their lives happy in a safe, loving environment.
  • We believe cats should be able to live free of fear, pain, and suffering.
  • We believe the best way to do this is to join together cat lovers in a like-minded tribe
  • We believe that our tribe celebrating everything feline brings the mission to others and grow the organization, fulfilling its mission

How do you use funds to make an impact?

Bottom line: when you join as an AdvoCAT member, you know that every month you’re providing a shelter cat with food and time to find a forever home instead of being euthanized. You also know that even if Cat Bandit doesn’t generate a profit, our original investor is committing funds to ensure your membership fills that goal.

For every shirt purchased on our online store, and every shirt sent to our AdvoCAT members, we sponsor a cat through a rescue organization. Our goal is to reduce the number of euthanized cats from the current 4,000 per day - one day at a time, and one cat at a time.

We want our impact to be measurable. Because rescue organizations have different costs, we measure our impact in terms of Days of Life Saved. This means when we provide funds to rescue organizations, we measure it in terms of how many days of food the funds provide for a shelter cat.

One day of food provided means that the shelter can feed a cat for another day, and it means that cat has another chance at finding a new home - instead of being euthanized. Our goal is that each shirt not only spread the message of cat rescue, but also result in a minimum of one Day of Life Saved.

Of course, food prices can change (with inflation, the economy, etc.) - we strive to maintain this level of impact and will adjust our sponsorship amounts if costs increase. In any case, we’re measuring in terms of Days of Life Saved, not dollars or percentages. If we see the price of food go up we will increase our sponsorship amount.

We are also transparent that we are not a non-profit entity. We view most non-profits as financially unsustainable. We believe that the best way to make an impact is by all our AdvoCAT members joining in our mission, and our community being sustainable for the long term.

If we don’t generate a profit, then our original investor contributes sufficient funds to meet our metric of Days of Life Saved (unlike non-profit charities which would go out of business). If we do generate profits, then we continue to meet our metric of Days of Life Saved and a portion of profits is allocated to original investor without whom Cat Bandit would not exist.

What this means for you: when you join as an AdvoCAT member, you know that every month (1) you’re providing a shelter cat with time to find a forever home instead of being euthanized, and (2) you are helping generate awareness for cat rescue. You also know that even if Cat Bandit doesn’t generate a profit, our original investor is committing funds to ensure your membership fills that goal.

What Are Your Shipping Times?

Our shipping times depend on when you ordered. If you're ordering a product from our online store, we'll email you with shipping updates. For other items (such as "thank you" shirts we send as gifts for sponsorships), we send those out once per week. For members getting monthly shirts, please read below. 

I requested a Certificate, where can I see the Registry? 

Thanks for asking! You can verify your Registry of Cat Patrons entry here:

What are the ways Cat Bandit sponsors cat rescue and advocacy?

We fulfill our mission in three ways:

  • If you're paying for a Sponsorship, that supports cat rescue directly. 100% of the net proceeds go to cat shelters. We do not take any profit from sponsorships.
  • If you buy a shirt from our online store, we donate food for a rescue cat.
  • If you're joining our Membership, you're supporting both cat rescue and also advocacy. Memberships are monthly, and a portion of the funds are used for advocacy (bringing awareness to cat rescue), and a portion for sponsoring shelters. Our staff, overhead, and licenses are supported from Memberships, so this is how our organization can continue to exist. (Note that our founder takes no paycheck, we only pay salaries for our dedicated kitty-loving staff!). 

If I Join as a Monthly Member, What Happens?

Our monthly members enjoy sponsoring meals for two shelter cats per month! In addition, every quarter we send an amazing, artist-designed T-Shirt to them. These shirts fulfill our mission by getting the word out and getting us new sponsors! 

If you're a new member, when you get your shirt depends on when in the quarter you signed up. We ship them in October, January, April and July. All members who are active in those months will receive a shirt.

You can wear it proudly - or gift it to someone to get the word out. The point is to make people aware of the cat rescue crisis!

Are my membership fees tax-deductible?

“Non-profit status” which allows for tax deductions is a based on IRS Section 501(c)(3). A the core of what we do is to raise awareness for cat rescue (through both memberships as well as awareness sponsors who contribute for that purpose), then donate a portion of proceeds to rescue organizations. We do this by building our community of AdvoCATs and sending them t-shirts that equip them to spread our message - and save more cats.

Because we partner with our AdvoCATs and send them shirts, the IRS doesn’t view these as qualifying donations. Because of this, your sponsorships, purchases and memberships are not tax deductible.

That said: we’re transparent about the impact you'll have. Instead of hiding behind complex IRS “Form 990” filings for you to figure out what we're doing, we simply and clearly lay out the impact you will have here. We’re interested in members who want to make an impact, not look for tax deductions.

Bottom line, we’ve chosen to make more impact rather than chasing a tax status. We think you’ll agree.