What Is This Charge on My Credit Card?

Your information is safe - and no matter what we will make you happy!

Who We Are

Cat Bandit's mission is to sponsor rescue cats, saving them from euthanasia.

We do this by offering merchandise, such as tee shirts. For each shirt we sell, we sponsor a rescue cat.

Why You Were Charged

Your card was charged because you made a purchase (or donation) on our web store or one of our web pages.

This may have been in response to one of our advocacy campaigns. For example:

  • You purchased a tee shirt on our site at www.catbandit.com
  • You joined our AdvoCAT membership to make an ongoing impact on cat rescue
  • You became an Awareness Sponsor helping us reach more shelters and members
  • You purchased other items from us (stickers, etc.) which help us spread our message of cat rescue

If you feel like a charge is in error - or you no longer want to support our mission - we'll make it right:

Email us at felix@catbandit.com and our team will take care of you. We will promptly refund or correct any billing error and make sure you are happy.

On behalf of all the cats we've rescued because of your patronage, thank you!

Awesome, I Support Cat Rescue!

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